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Over at “Making Graphic Novels” there’s been a couple discussions about web comics that I’ve found really interesting. When I started, I really hadn’t thought about posting my story online. I figured I’d make a few posts about it on my blog, maybe something in my portfolio section, but not actually put the story up page-by-page. But they made some really good arguements for doing it.

So, I thought, why not?

I’ve got my own website and a blog on it that runs WordPress. I’ve built other websites… Needless to say, I’ve got the technical know how to do it. It’s a bit of a committment in time, but since I’m pretty serious about this, I decided that I needed to do it. The next thing to resolve was where to host it. Again, I’ve got my own webspace, so why pay for more? So I installed WordPress on another section of my webspace and called it “On the Verge.” A bunch of the forum people also recommended ComicPress which runs in conjunction with WordPress, so I’ve installed that. I adjusted some basic CSS to change the background colour and the type and started blogging.

[As a side note here, I’m still a bit up in the air about getting a domain name specifically for On the Verge –  which is taken anyway. I don’t know if it’s necessary or not, but I’m sure this will resolve itself in the future. For now, my site will be here.]

Which just about catches us up.

The On the Verge website, as you can see, is pretty basic. That was a decision I made so that I could incorporate the website building into my working process and document in my blog. My goal with the blog is to cover what it takes to actually make On the Verge. I grew up reading comics, but had no idea how they were actually made. Now I have several years of professional illustration and design experience, so I have an idea of “how” I would put the comic together. But there still isn’t a lot of information out there. Specific information that is. There’s more than when I was a kid, but it’s still not very good. A search for something simple like, “What point size do most comics use?” gets you nothing useful.

So this blog is going to take the approach of covering all the nitty gritty parts of publishing it. What programs did I use? What fonts? How was it coloured? How was it printed? Did it have bleed? What other specs did I need? How did my website come together. I’ll also post art and other developmental stuff as I do it for anyone that’s interested. My hope is that in the end, it will be a resource for others starting up a graphic novel of their own as well as a good documentation of just what I did to make On the Verge!

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Illustrator and graphic designer. When not working full time as a Senior Graphic Designer, I am usually working on the graphic novel On the Verge: the Arrow of Time. Artist on Andrew Jackson in Space and The Sisters.

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