Search continues for billionaire Internet mogul

August 15
Organized Press

Where in the world is Agnosto Mercury? If his name sounds familiar, it should. Responsible for dozens of the applications and software used to operate the Internet, the much-publicized billionaire was first reported missing yesterday.

The public face of his empire, Mercury disappeared off his private yacht three days ago but was finally reported missing to authorities yesterday by his private security services after their own investigations produced no results. An already embarrassing situation has been made worse with the sudden media maelstrom that has erupted with the revelation. The strangeness of the story has only added fuel to the growing fire.

Authorities have admitted to being at a loss for how to proceed. Reports that have been leaked to the press have centered around the mysterious disappearance on the yacht. It seems Mercury was taken out of his bed while his date for the evening was asleep beside him and ample security personnel were onboard. No one has been reported injured and nothing was stolen. There have been no claims of responsibility for the presumed kidnapping.

His friends are hoping that whatever happened, it’s a small blip in an otherwise extraordinary existence. “Aggy’s a tough SOB,” old friend and fellow Internet pioneer Sir Henry Babcock relates. “Based on my track record with him, I’m confident he’ll be back soon. Just in time to release his newest gadget.” Investors aren’t so sure with his companies’ stocks off 32% since the reports of his disappearance emerged.

For now, search parties just want to find some evidence of what happened to him before the trail goes completely cold. Special agent in-charge Guinevere Brooks who’s taking over the investigation admits there’s a lot of ground to cover and so far not a lot of results. “It is very much a needle in a haystack situation,” she concludes. “The Pacific is a very large haystack. We need to catch a break on this one.”

More to come.

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