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Just a quick update today… I’ve been posting for several months now about all sorts of topics. But quite a few of the posts have dealt with “how it’s made” type topics. There are quite a few sites online where I’ve found helpful hints and tips, but that was after quite a bit of digging and before I found the Making Graphic Novels forum which has been really helpful.

So I wanted to organize all of these posts in one spot for the convenience of anyone who might be looking for some information about how to make a comic. I don’t think what I have to say is exactly how to make comics, but I do what I do for a reason and it works. And with my graphic design background, I have a lot of experience of making stuff for print – books, magazines, annual reports, brochures, ads, etc. – so I’m trying to bring that knowledge to how I put On the Verge together. Hopefully I can provide one or two new insights for anyone who’s just starting out and looking for some tips.

Anyway, here’s the new page for “Behind the scenes…how On the Verge is made.” As I post more relevant topics I’ll add to what’s listed.

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Illustrator and graphic designer. When not working full time as a Senior Graphic Designer, I am usually working on the graphic novel On the Verge: the Arrow of Time. Artist on Andrew Jackson in Space and The Sisters.

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