introduction – if you’re just joining us…

Sorry for the slow start to this whole process. Last week was a good start with a cover image, but this week it’s a lousy introduction…

There is a point to all of this. I was hoping that using more of a “soft launch” approach would allow me to iron out any kinks or problems that come up – and it has. The plan was to use two posts (essentially the cover and today’s introduction) to figure out exactly how to post a page and get it running smoothly and allow me to post the upcoming pages without any delay. So thanks for being patient and next week the story starts for real.

While you’re here, in case you’ve just heard about On the Verge a bit about me
My name is Jason Smith and welcome to On the Verge. I am a graphic designer and illustrator based in Ontario, Canada (about an hour and a bit outside of Toronto if you’re interested) and I’ve been working professionally for almost 8 years now. You can check out my design and illustration work on my main website

I grew up reading comics and I’ve always wanted to do my own but I haven’t really worked on a lot of my own stuff since college (work tends to get in the way!). After a couple of years of “trying to draw more” I made the decision to produce a graphic novel. So now that I’m actually working on pages and posting them, I’m really enjoying how it utilizes all the various skills that I’ve picked up over the years – illustration and storytelling, computer effects, design, typography and web design/coding.

I’ve been developing the overall story for what is now On the Verge for about 8 months. I made the decision to start this blog and post pages around the start of October 2010 and have been tracking my progress and how the story and art have evolved ever since. My posts have covered a variety of topics but you might find the ones about “how On the Verge is made” interesting, so I’ve compiled all of those in the behind the scenes page. I don’t profess to know everything, but I’ve got a pretty good handle on delivering a printed piece that’s nicely designed, so there might be an insight or two in there.

Anyway, last week on February 1 I posted the first page and at this point have a good chunk of pages done and in the can and plan to post new pages every Tuesday.

I’m really excited to share my graphic novel with everyone, so welcome and check back in next Tuesday when the story gets rolling.

And a final bit…
I really liked how the artwork for this page turned out and then I ruined it by putting copy right on top of it. It’s a mix of different paints and papers on board and then I added in a few computer effects to give it some pop. Anyway, below is the artwork with nothing but the masthead. Hopefully you like it as much as I do.

About jason

Illustrator and graphic designer. When not working full time as a Senior Graphic Designer, I am usually working on the graphic novel On the Verge: the Arrow of Time. Artist on Andrew Jackson in Space and The Sisters.

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