post #50… and new art too!

I just wanted to quickly celebrate my 50th post! It’s kind of crazy that I’ve found enough to write about over the past couple of months. Who knew when I started that On the Verge would be this interesting…


On to the art.

I’ve really enjoyed both the writing and drawing of this scene. The back and forth dialogue was fun to write and something that I really haven’t done a lot of in the past couple of years. But for me, I really loved how this turned into an intense drawing exercise. There was a LOT of drawing! And these pages took a wee bit longer to do because of all the people – both Hannah and Jane in the forground and all the background people. And to be honest, I think I started to figure things out a little with these pages. The art seems a little more sure of itself. 

Unfortunately I went and covered up a lot of the details and the backgrounds with all the dialogue (I guess I need to think things through a little more before I go and invest all that effort!). So, because I like how the pages turned out and because I think the art is interesting, I’m posting just the art without the lettering. Let me know if you think I’m right!


One small addition to the site this week. You’ll notice up above that I’ve finally put the contact page up. I’m not sure if there’s a raging demand to send me emails and tell me how awesome On the Verge is… but if you’ve got a question and/or comment, feel free to send it along. I’m always open to feedback and would love to hear from you.


One final bit of information to pass along… I’ve signed up for Top Web Comics to try and drum up some interest in what I’m doing. So if you’ve got a minute and want to help me spread the word, please give me a vote by clicking the link below. Thanks to everyone in advance!

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