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A late in the day post again. Things have been super busy the past couple of weeks, but hopefully I can get back to my preferred morning post soon.

About today’s panel
I swear there’s going to be some copy to read in the upcoming posts! It just seems like this story started out slowly. What can I say? Lucas is a thinker. Here’s the page…

What’s interesting to me at least is that a panel with no copy takes just a long to write (I still have to figure out descriptive stuff) and it places a lot of emphasis on the drawing which means that I probably spend more time working out something like expressions than I might if there was a ton of dialogue covering everything up. Personally this is really nice since Chapter 1 had a ton of dialogue that covered up the background art that I slaved away on (not cool). All of this goes back to my point at the start of this short story that this is really an exploration of how to write Lucas who is distinctly different from Hannah. The story so far demonstrates that pretty well.


I’m working on an interesting post for later in the week. If I can find time to sit down and finish off my thoughts I’ll get it posted sooner rather than later. I alluded to it in last week’s post, but I tweeted a couple of thoughts last week about monetizing your investment in a web comic and I’m trying to get some longer thoughts out and down on paper and hopefully make sense. Stay tuned!


From what I can tell from my Google Analytics stats, people seems to really be using the WordPress and ComicPress posts. I’m still trying to figure out how to evolve the site to something new and customized for On the Verge and when I do I’ll be sure to post about it. Otherwise, is there anything that I haven’t covered that you’ve got a question about?


Finally, thanks to everyone who’s voted for On the Verge. It’s really appreciated! If you haven’t voted and you like what you’ve seen, please take a minute to help spread the word and vote through the link on the right.

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