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It’s actually hard to believe that this is the last post for this project. To sum it all up, I wanted to give some final thoughts on how I think it all went. Overall, it was an incredible, intense 29 days but I enjoyed every minute of it and I think the end product turned out really well. I started with a couple of clear goals and I think I achieved them.

1. Get more art online.
This one is pretty obvious and just by finishing off the project I accomplished it. I find that the webcomics community really holds actually having a chunk of work online in high regard – the more you have published the more seriously people take you. Everyone seems to be working on a webcomic but not everyone has a ton of stuff done. I’ve been chipping away for a year-and-a-half and I was tired of being one of those people “working” on a project so finishing off a batch of pages quickly solved that.

2. I wanted to speed up my art and not over think it.
The rules I established at the start of this really forced me to not over think things. I thought I might have time to go back and rework stuff I wasn’t happy with, but in the end that just wasn’t practical. It turns out that I’m not all that unhappy with any of the pages – I’m happy with the whole thing and I think it stands with the other work that I’ve published online. Maybe that’s a vital lesson: don’t over think things.

3. What happens if I post pages daily?
I really wanted to test out what would happen if I posted daily content. The end result was that I basically doubled the number of page visits that the site was getting and more than doubled the amount of return visitors over the course of the month. Now will this carry across moving forwards I don’t know. My hope is that this was a good “event” to get people’s attention and that they’ll stick with me to see what comes next.

So is this the end?
I know, 28 pages and I ended it with “end?”… So what happens next? I’ve got quite a few different stories unravelling themselves right now so it’ll be interesting to keep that going. There is a plan for how all of these go, I promise. I really enjoyed the whole process and I would definitely take it on again. The only thing that I’d change would be starting the project with a clear story instead of just winging it for the first bunch until I figured it all out. So I guess the question is, when’s the next 29 Day Comic Project…

The end of this project means that it’s the end of the daily posts but not the end of the On the Verge story. I’ll revert back to the normal schedule of Tuesday posts. So be sure to check back in this Tuesday (April 3rd) for the continuation of THE JUMPER and then once that wraps up in the near future it’s on to new stories.

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Illustrator and graphic designer. When not working full time as a Senior Graphic Designer, I am usually working on the graphic novel On the Verge: the Arrow of Time. Artist on Andrew Jackson in Space and The Sisters.

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