THE JUMPER – collected

Back when started work on THE JUMPER I mentioned in a post that my idea was to have the story work in two ways: the first as a weekly strip that I can post online and the second as full comic pages. Now that the full set of strips has been posted online I wanted to go back and assemble the full collection of strips into proper panels. I really like how this worked out for this story, so I’ll probably follow the format for other stuff in the future.

When I started combining all of the artwork, one of the things that I realized needed to happen to really finish off the pages was to basically have another go at the colouring. The colouring that I had done for each strip just wasn’t working when I started to put the first couple of pages together and I ended up recolouring all the pages just to make it consistent. I also cleaned up the lettering while I was assembling everything and I think that helps a little too (I really wanted a sound effect to go on page 8 but just couldn’t seem to get it to work for the weekly post!).

Anyway, here’s the complete collection that is THE JUMPER.


That’s it for now. New art and story next week!


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