SHADOWS: cover

To start, here’s the cover for the new story:

SHADOWS has been a long time coming. The inspiration for the story – and one of my favorite comics from last year – was Becky Cloonan’s WOLVES. I really loved the artwork and story, the pacing and just the overall simplicity of it all. It was just so well done I wanted to try to bring that to my work somehow and SHADOWS was born out of this.

SHADOWS was also the birth of the page-a-day idea that later became my 29 Day Comic Project. I read WOLVES in early September and then wrote and thumbnailed SHADOWS in about a week after that. At that time my idea was to produce a page a day and then post them all in time for Hallowe’en last year. Then life and work got in the way and I just couldn’t get it done in time.

Flash forwards a couple of months to January of this year and I started to pencil the first pages. That lasted until the beginning of February when I started the 29 Day Comic Project followed quickly after that with finishing off THE JUMPER and the Interlude. Once all of that was completed I finally got back to SHADOWS and set about completing it. Like I said, a long time coming.

Anyway, I am really happy with how the whole thing has turned out. The story is exactly the type of thing I wanted to write when I first began work on this project and the art starts to play with some of the ideas that I’ve had for a while. I’ll write more about the art when future pages go up but for now I’ll just say that that cover was painted with mixed media. I painted a big canvass for our living room at home (something my wife’s been trying to get me to do for a while) and had such a good time doing it that I decided to paint the cover for this story for something different. If you want to see the whole progression of the piece, check out the album that I’ve posted on the On the Verge Facebook page.


Speaking of which, if you haven’t heard, I’m running my first contest and this is the final week. So far things have been pretty slow but there’s still time before it’s over. All you have to do is ‘Like’ the On the Verge Facebook page and you’ll be entered to win a signed copy of THE BEGINNING, a couple of promo pieces and an original ink drawing. The contest ends June 30th.

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