Influences are a funny thing. I mean everybody has them but if you point them out people sometimes take that as a slight. Personally, I’ve always found myself on the fence about them. I know I have influences and if someone pointed it out I definitely wouldn’t tell them that they’re wrong, but I’ve never really shared my influences with people because I’m not sure that I want people to compare my work to the stuff that inspired it. I’d love for my work to stand on its own and not be judged by the other stuff.

I find Influences interesting because they’re the things that actually drove us all to be artists in the first place (I assume). We can probably all remember a time where we found a book or comic or piece of art that was so mind blowing that it drove you to try to do the same thing. Influences are also interesting because once you start combining them and then doing your own work they start to be slightly less obvious to spot.

At the same time, I absolutely love hearing about other artists influences and inspiration. I think it’s really interesting to see how they’ve incorporated various styles and ideas into their own work and how that’s affected things as they move forwards. Artists also have so many different sources of inspiration that it’s neat to see how they cross over.

So, in the spirit of sharing, I thought it would make for an interesting post to tell everyone about all the various things that have inspired and influenced On the Verge. Now I’m sure I’ve forgotten some here, but for now this is a pretty good list.


Indiana Jones, the Matrix, Tron, Inception
the X-Files, Fringe, Continuum, Bones, Castle
Comics/Graphic Novels.
Cages, Hellboy, RASL, (New 52) Batman, The Batman Adventures, Tales of Sand, Watchmen, Leave it to Chance, Sandman, Swallow Me Whole, Infinite Kung Fu, Kabuki, Batman: the Long Halloween
the Babel Effect, the Age of Spiritual Machines, Game of Thrones, American Gods, Neil Gaiman, Douglas Coupland, Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler
Joe Morse, Dave McKean, Sam Weber, Paul Dallas, Becky Cloonan, Jordan Isip, Jody Hewgill
Picasso, Lucian Freud, Kent Williams
Paul Rand, Josef Muller Brockmann, Fred Woodward, Luke Hayman, Tom Brown
reMIND, Nathan Sorry, Delilah Dirk, the Meek, the Bean, Stupid Snake

The one thing to point out is that the artists and writers of the comics/webcomics/graphic novels could easily move around to the illustrators/artists/authors sections as well. I didn’t want to list them twice, but I read those various comics because of both the story and art so they definitely influence me in more than one way. These are also the influences for On the Verge (I mentioned that above, but it’s worth repeating). I’ve got so many different influences for art and design and everything that it’s not worth listing those out too. I’m sure they play some role in how On the Verge looks and reads, but these are the direct influences that I consciously let inspire me at the start of the project and whenever I need a spark to get me going.

Does this let the cat out of the bag? I hope not. I can definitely see where certain influences have pushed this project in a certain direction, but I’m sure there are some on the list that you may not see how they quite fit and I think that’s probably good. I’m not trying to recreate what these people have done with their art. I’m trying to channel what I like into a project that I hope will be just as awesome as I found this stuff.

[And, if you haven’t read or seen or heard of any of these things then take this as a formal recommendation!]

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