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I’m nervous that today’s spread doesn’t make as much sense in “web” format as it does in print. Here’s what I’ve tried: Michael jumps into the gutter on the left-hand page. I like playing with the design of things and utilizing qualities that are inherent in books and print – stuff like gutters and bleed and that sort of thing. Anyway, I had this idea and really wanted to use it and at the end of the day, I think it still works on the web, just not the same way. What do you think? Does it work? Here’s the art:

On the Verge - the Jumper #41

After last week’s rambling about drawing I wanted to get back to really focusing on what’s going on with the art in this “jump” section. I specifically want to talk about colour.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this in a previous post that I made the decision to use the black background fairly early to help distinguish the “jump” section from the other pages. I like the way that it instantly contrasts this section with the other pages through a simple use of black and white. The one concern I had was that this would make the section incredibly dark. Up to this point with virtually all the comic pages I’ve done for On the Verge, I’ve used a very muted palette with white gutters. But I have experimented with various colouring techniques from the ink washes on the rest of THE JUMPER, the flat colours on THE INTERVIEW and the flares that started with the main story’s chapter 1 and have continued into some of the other pieces as well. I kind of figured that this was the perfect opportunity to try something new out.

So at this point in creating the book I had written and thumbnailed out the story, decided on the black backgrounds/gutters and knew that I wanted to used vector art on all the pages, so I started to play around with what would make the vector art pieces both sit with the artwork and look like a part of it while at the same time “pop” a little bit. To be honest, my first attempt was simply using white – which worked ok but didn’t really stand out when it ran across something that wasn’t black. My next thought was blue since that’s usually the colour of the flares that I’ve used but this didn’t work so well because I was using the flares as well and it was overall just too much blue. My third attempt was to use the red/orange that I’ve been using for virtually every On the Verge piece that’s been designed. I settled on the colour back when I was putting together the art direction for the project and It’s always worked really well with the artwork – and it worked perfectly here.

Now I used the red/orange when I coloured THE INTERVIEW but I really never intended the colour to actually be used on comic pages when I was putting together the art direction. But, for whatever reason, it just works. It satisfied my need to add some “pop” to the pages because of all the black but at the same time the colour actually really helps balance everything out and sits well with the art, textures, washes and flares. I can’t imagine the pages without it now. I’ve mixed up the usage a little bit across the whole “jump” section and used it with some texture, as flat portions of colour in the artwork and in the vector art that’s been used on almost every page..

All-in-all, I’m really happy with how the finished pages ended up and it just goes to show that experimentation can lead you somewhere that you really didn’t intend to end up. I guess that’s a good lesson for everyone. For me, the added colour has worked so well that now I’m trying to figure out how I can incorporate it into new pages…ah, a new problem.

Did anyone else find last week crazy or was it just me? I was always going to be super busy anyway but it was a holiday Monday for us up here in Ontario so that just seemed to make things worse. Anyway, my hope is that this week will be a little bit more productive in terms of getting some On the Verge work done. I’m already off to a good start since yesterday – I finally got around to scanning some of the pages that I inked at the start of the month. Scanning 50 pages is gonna take awhile…

In terms of what’s new, last week I finally got around to actually doing something with my Tumblr page (which I’d been meaning to do for months now). If you haven’t checked it out, feel free. If you’re a regular reader of this site, the work that I’ve put up so far might look a bit familiar… I’ve decided to start by posting some of the short stories that are already completed and I’m starting with SHADOWS. Eventually I’ll try to sync posts on this site with Tumblr, but for now I just want to post a bunch of work that’s already been completed and hopefully it leads to some increased readership here. So why Tumblr? Well I’ve used and tried out a bunch of different social media sites and services over the past couple of years (Twitter, Facebook, DeviantArt, various forums, etc.) and this is just another venue to hopefully help get the word about On the Verge out there.

Also, my Twitter account got hacked last week. That was kinda interesting… Never had that happen before. So to anyone who got some random tweets or DM’s from me, sorry about that. The password has been changed and it should be corrected. And that’s it from me this week for this week. And as always, thanks for reading and checking in!

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