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Today’s spread is one of the initial ones that I sketched out when coming up with the story. I really like all the different elements going on here…

On the Verge - the Jumper #42

So today I want to focus on writing. I’ve put this post off until now because I didn’t want to give anything away with the story. I like the idea of you (the reader) figuring stuff out without any input from me. I think the less I colour opinions with what I intended or think about the story the better. But now that we’re well into the “jump” section I think I can dig into the writing a little bit.

As with everything in this “jump” section I wanted to approach the writing slightly differently and I decided to do that through Lucas’ internal dialogue. Now some people like this type of writing and some people hate it. I’ve used it before with Hannah’s thoughts in Chapter 1 and I thought it might be a good way to flip the reading experience from Lucas having conversations with others – which is what’s happened in THE JUMPER up to this point – and Lucas having a conversation with himself. The idea of internalizing the conversation really intrigued me and changes the way this section reads.

The one thing that I think is important that I tried to do is have the story and the art work together. What I mean by that is that I wanted the internal dialogue to take us on a bit of a journey while the art propelled us forwards. In a sense, the art it the constant element while the story kind of goes all over the place. At the same time, I also wanted to create a rhythm to the story much like I did with SHADOWS. I really liked how that story read and I thought this might be a chance to try out that type of writing again.

With these decisions set down, I needed to figure out what I actually wanted to write about. I think I wrote this section kind of like I designed it in that I repeated elements and beats but at the same time jumps all over the place thematically. The idea of travelling and jumping definitely are there, but so is the idea of taking control of the situation which I think is vital to establishing Lucas’ character.

In the end, I’ll have to leave it up to you readers to let me know what you think about the tale. I think it definitely changes pace and breaks up the story in an interesting way and I’m happy with how everything has come together. Now what comes next…


Busy, busy, busy
You may have noticed last week that the usual installment of THE INTERVIEW didn’t go up and I blogged instead. I know, that sucks for anyone used to tuning in and reading the story but I’ll make it up with a double post in the next couple of weeks. If you didn’t read Thursday’s post I’ll give you the Coles Notes version… basically I’ve decided to try to make better use of Google+ moving forwards and it, along with Twitter, will be the primary conduit to get the word out for all things On the Verge. About a year ago I started to really use the On the Verge Facebook page but the pickup has been really slow. That’s disappointing to an extent since I regularly posted stuff there, but overall I’m not a heavy Facebook user anyway, so I’m not totally surprised. The Facebook page will stay up and I’ll keep posting content there, but since I plan on using Google+ for my professional stuff as well as On the Verge, there will probably definitely be more stuff posted there. Anyway, if you’re on Google+ feel free to stop by and say hello! I’d love to chat about whatever.

Things are typically busy for me, but I’m trying to get back at working on new stuff for On the Verge. Lots of stuff is coming as soon as THE JUMPER wraps up and I definitely need to finish off some pages as soon as I can. With that in mind, I’ll be posting work-in-progress to Twitter and Google+ as I go. If you’re interested in following along, check it out there.

That’s it for this week! See you in seven.

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