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So today we get a little bit closer to the end of the “jump” section…

On the Verge - the Jumper #43

I would think at this point that you’re probably realizing that I spent a good deal of time figuring out the “design” of this section. I mean even the writing has a certain amount of design thinking to it. This spread closes off the “jump” section the same way that it opened back with entry #36: four tall panels with the fourth panel being broken by Lucas’ arm and hand, reaching out for Michael. There’s also the paper tear but instead of going from white to black it’s reversed, black to white.

My goal was to provide a bit of symmetry to the story and maybe that’s a design idea, I’m not sure. I liked the idea of starting and ending the section with the same visual approach and repeating the panel layout helped reinforce that. Of course, since this is the jump section, the drawing could be a little bit less “realistic” and more expressive (I love that hand by the way… no idea why).

So what does happen now that Lucas has finally caught Michael…


Last week was a struggle… actually it was a struggle for On the Verge related stuff only – colouring to be more specific. I don’t know why I struggled, but I did. Always have some idea of what I’m going to do with the colouring when I start working on a page and last week those ideas just weren’t working. It’s not that the ideas were bad, per se… but when combined with the inked artwork and letters and effects, the pages just didn’t look right. Anyway, I came back to the problem pages yesterday morning and had a simple solution and it worked! Why is it that you can’t see a simple solution when you’re stuck?

In other news, I discovered Todd Klein’s website on the weekend and I wanted to drop a little note about it here since I think that it’s full of good information. Lettering and comic design is something that doesn’t get a whole lot of attention and that’s one of the reasons I keep trying to bring it up in various blog posts. I know I’ve said this before, but comics are getting better (slowly) and I know they can do even more. Klein’s site is an interesting read. I like to keep trying out different stuff with the lettering in the On the Verge stories and the site provided lots of food for thought from an industry heavyweight. Definitely worth the read.

And with that, I need to get back to work. Next week is gonna be awesome! (just a hint!)

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