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As I mentioned yesterday, pretty much since the last version of this site went live, it was out-of-date. Now I know that this is the nature of websites in general, but I just found that no matter how much I tried to keep up and update content it was just never enough. I finally made the decision to just let it exist as it was and focus on doing artwork and posting pages.*

I knew at some point that I needed to update the website and I also knew that I needed to find a good time to do it. The past 12-14 months has been a constant stream of stories and I never felt like it was a good time to overhaul things despite however much I felt like I need to. So the (re)start of the “main” OTV storyline that happened yesterday was the opportunity that I’ve been waiting for.

If you’ve poked around a little bit in the past day or so, you may notice a couple of changes:

  1. I’ve stopped using ComicPress which I’ll explain in a post tomorrow where I focus solely on this. For now, I just wanted to point it out to everyone. My hope is that not using ComicPress doesn’t create too many issues for anyone going back through the blog and reading posts. From what I can tell, any ComicPress post for a page will just appear in the blogroll as a link but there’s no page. And while I’m not 100% a fan of that, for now I’m not going back and deleting the 100+ posts that I made for the weekly pages through ComicPress.
  2. I really tried to focus on simplifying everything down. While there are quite a few archive pages because of all the various stories that have been posted, for the main website pages I’ve cut things down to a main landing page, an about page, a characters page, a contact page and a gallery. I haven’t deleted any other pages that were up because there may be links to them and stuff, but I’ve focused the content down into these main pages.
  3. If you came in through the main landing page, you will have noticed the new image/rotator combination. The plan is to update the imagery every so often to give the site a bit of a facelift. Otherwise, all the content that I want to try to get people to read is below in simple graphics.

Lots of edits
Overall, I’ve updated virtually all of the content which has been needed for a while now. So what’s new? Well…

  • The “design” and overall art direction is the obvious visual change. I’ve given the whole site a facelift to try to tie it into some of the OTV design/art direction stuff that I’ve been doing lately.
  • I’m in the process of trying to add in new images and design elements to highlight certain things and add some interest to the pages. So not all of these new images are done and in place yet, but I’m working on it.
  • I’ve updated the characters page with new artwork and I’ve included some of the newer characters.
  • The gallery has been updated with images for anyone looking for art stuff.
  • And I’m super excited about the archive and how that’s worked out. I’ve got plans for adding in content on those pages and have so far only really updated them to include the various covers that have been posted as well as a plot synopsis and gallery of the pages.

I’m really happy with the update. I’m sure I’ll change some stuff as I go but for now I think it’s pretty solid. Let me know what you think!

* I have had some people inquire about the ComicPress tutorial series and a couple of other posts… And the main reason why I haven’t posted any further updates with any of these series is the same reason as above – I decided to make On the Verge my priority right now and that means focusing my attention on writing and drawing. There’s only so much time in the day and I just haven’t had time to do more. I feel really bad about it because I know that the tutorials are super popular, so sorry. At some point I will post the rest of the tutorials and stuff. If you do have specific questions, feel free to send me a quick email and I’ll try to help where I can.

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