Happy Holidays from On the Verge (and here’s the rest of THE INTERVIEW!)


This was always intended to be a break week for a couple of reasons: (1) I’ve always taken a couple of weeks off over the holidays and (2) today’s Christmas Eve and I doubt a lot of people will have time to actually read my little webcomic. Then again, THE INTERVIEW was always intended to be completed by now but the “main” story has taken a lot of time and it always got pushed aside. So I made the decision about a month ago to get my act together and finish off the last bunch of pages and post them today for the people that may have some free time and want a little something to read over the holiday.

The focus of these smaller OTV stories has always been to flesh out the OTV world a little bit more than I originally had with the “main” story. What I’ve found is that working on these stories has lead to me coming up with ideas that I never had in the first place and then adding them into the “main” story as I go along.

THE INTERVIEW started out as a bit of a joke piece* and was only four pages long and included at the end of the printed edition of THE BEGINNING. The original idea was to take Edge Inc. (something that I’d always associated as being the “good guys” in my head) and tell a story where maybe they aren’t exactly good. They’re this large company with definite ties to large corporations and the government. So what happens when they get involved with something? And once I got writing, I realized that I actually had more ideas and the story could definitely be longer than four pages. One of those ideas was the Watchtower (which at this point is playing a pretty big role in shaping the story in the “main” OTV tale). In my original plot for the “main” story, I didn’t have an organized group of protesters like the Watchtower – that idea came from THE INTERVIEW.

The problem is that while I’ve had the story for THE INTERVIEW scripted for a long while now, I just hadn’t made time to get the story done. So the whole Watchtower idea has really folded into the “main” story and seen there first instead of something that got slipped into THE INTERVIEW and then built upon in the “main” story.

I’ve also used Edward (my foul mouthed rabbit) in both THE JUMPER and the “main” story. How did he end up working at Edge? Well, now you’ll find out.

Anyway, sorry for the rubbish posting schedule on this one… If you haven’t read along from the start, everything has been updated in the Archive. Also, if you’d prefer to read this as pages (instead of the comic strips that are posted below), check out the Archive. And with that, here’s the last 19 comic strips and the final bit of THE INTERVIEW. Have a safe and happy holiday and see you back here in a couple of weeks where we’ll pick up where we left off with the “main” story!

*If you’re wondering what I mean by this, read through LIFE ON THE EDGE


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