Favourite webcomics, Day 1: Nathan Sorry

I’m going to start with Nathan Sorry for no particular reason other than it’s one of my favourites. This webcomic is by Rich Barrett and was started way back in 2009. I mentioned Nathan Sorry long ago when I purchased Volume 1 (which collected the first 100 or so pages of the webcomic) but I still check it out every time Rich posts new pages.


I love Rich’s art and the story is awesome. Here’s a quick synopsis:

Nathan Sorry is a hapless investment analyst who was supposed to be in the World Trade Center on 9/11 but instead disappears with a new identity and $20 million that he has inadvertently stolen. Two months later he shows up in a small southern town, waiting for his opportunity to flee the country, but his shaky plan begins to unravel as he gets a little too involved with some of the town’s residents.

As I said in my previous post, what really keeps me coming back for every new page is the story which if it was on TV or in a book would be good. In a comic? Doesn’t happen.

download-NathanSorryVolumeOne NathanSorryVolumeTwo1-817x1200

The story is only 153 pages in, so (A) there’s a good chunk of pages for you to dig through and (B) it’s not too far along that you can’t get caught up quickly. So definitely go and check it out at his site (nathansorry.com) and below are a couple of pages from the start.

2009-02-19-ns_page2 2009-02-23-ns_page3 2009-03-06-ns_page6 nathan-3

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