New cover art – the Interview

You may have caught a couple of my #lunchtimedrawing posts from a while back when I was developing a new cover for THE INTERVIEW. No? Here are the pencils and inks again for reference:

wpid-img_20140326_122516.jpg wpid-img_20140408_125555.jpg

Anyway, I thought it might be a good idea to take a closer look at things since I’ve finally finished off the colouring for this one. So here are the cleaned up and finished inks:


I’m really happy with how the inks turned out and I can see how some of the things that I’ve been researching and studying are actually starting to show up in my art.

So the next step is the flatted page (which I actually really like and it’s one of the reasons why I wanted to do this post!). I normally don’t flat the whole thing, but I’ve been trying out a plugin for Photoshop and it produced something close to this that I only had to tweak slightly.


Anyway, since this really should tie into the Comixology covers that I’ve published so far, I went in that direction and ended up here:


And I like this. It looks consistent with the two existing covers and matches my OTV “style”. But for whatever reason, I was thinking that I could do something different. So I went back to the flatted page and made some adjustments… and arrived at this:


Which I think is really H-O-T! and is totally what I had in mind. Again, maybe it’s the studying, but I really like how the colour adds a different atmosphere and emotion to the art. Anyway, keep a look out for this one and let me know which one you guys like better!

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