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Happy Halloween from On The Verge!

Back in January I wrote an illustrated a short OTV story that, until today, has never been seen by anyone. I was looking at trying out inking from bluelines and didn’t just want to jump into working that on actual OTV pages, so I decided to put together a little short story to test it out. Needless to say, I was really happy with the working process and that’s the way I work now.

So the story… I was just in the process of reading the Mortal Instrument books and I was also busy putting giant octopus monsters in an infographic about natural disasters, so I guess I had demons and octopus on the brain. That was kind of the starting point for the story. I have always intended for the OTV world to be really elastic and to basically let me do any type of story that I can come up with. So while demons maybe doesn’t quite fit with the more sciency bent of things like THE ARROW OF TIME, this story is much more similar in tone with SHADOWS (which I think is probably my favourite OTV story to date!).

Speaking of SHADOWS, I originally posted that here on the site two Halloween’s ago and kind of thought that Halloween would be a good time of year to post spooky little OTV stories. And then last year I just didn’t have anything to post. So back in January when I was putting this whole thing together I kind of knew that it wouldn’t get posted until today. So ta-da!

Anyway, I’m super happy with how this all came together and I hope you enjoy the result. Happy Halloween and happy reading!

OnTheVerge-TallTalesAndVisitations-page01 OnTheVerge-TallTalesAndVisitations-page02 OnTheVerge-TallTalesAndVisitations-page03 OnTheVerge-TallTalesAndVisitations-page04 OnTheVerge-TallTalesAndVisitations-page05 OnTheVerge-TallTalesAndVisitations-page06OnTheVerge-TallTalesAndVisitations-page07-08Click the image above for a larger view.
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