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Over the past little bit, I’ve elluded to a project that I was starting to work on throughout November and December but I haven’t really given too many specifics – mainly because it was early on in the process and I was designing a lot of stuff to start off. But it’s occupied a lot of my time and been a lot fun so far. This morning, the Kickstarter for it just launched, so let me formally introduce ANDREW JACKSON IN SPACE!


So what the heck kind of story is this?
In 1801, future President Andrew Jackson woke up on the far side of the galaxy. This lunatic frontier bastard is using every ounce of wit, courage, cunning, and unprovoked violence to make his way home to his beloved wife on Earth. Mixing equal parts Doctor Who and Indiana Jones, ANDREW JACKSON IN SPACE is a pulp-style sci-fi adventure comic flung across thousands of light years, featuring vagrant queens, amazing artifacts, and a guy bursting into a courtroom brandishing a pistol.

I’m working with writer Brian Visaggio again (who I worked with on THE SISTERS), colourist Harry Saxon (our first project together) and editor Heather Antos (who I worked with on UNLAWFUL GOOD) to put together the very best comic that we can. It’s been a ton of fun so far and I think these are some of the best pages that I turned out all last year and I’m excited by what everyone is doing.

So without further ado, here’s the Kickstarter video:

There are a ton of great rewards for anyone that decides to back the project. In fact, if you’ve ever wanted a piece of my art for your very own, now’s the time to jump in. There are sketch cards, prints, 8×10 commissions, 11×17 commissions and the chance to own an original page (or even the cover) from the first issue.

I’m super excited about the way the first bunch of pages has come together and I really want to get going on the rest of the book – but we need your support to make it happen. So take a minute and check out the full Kickstarter project and you’ll be able to see a small sampling to the story since we’ve done the first four pages to give you an idea of how it’ll all come together.

And thanks for taking the time and thank you if you do decide to pledge. If you do pledge, let me know! As I’m posting this, we’ve already hit 10% of the funding goal and just passed $500 already pledged! Let’s make this happen.

~ Jason

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