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I haven’t really been doing a whole lot of posting on here lately. For that matter, I’m not really participating a whole lot on Twitter or Facebook at all either. The reason for that is that I’m busy working away on getting the next chapter of OTV inked and today I put the finishing touches on the last page. It’s been kinda crazy but I’ve knocked out the full chapter of inks in only 14 days. I don’t normally get that much done on my lunch hour of drawing, but I’m on a bit of a mission.

How come?
As one of my co-workers is fond of saying, I had a “window of opportunity” in my schedule. Up until the summer, I really hadn’t done any work on OTV since probably last summer and this year has been a big write-off – I started the year finishing off UNLAWFUL GOOD, then followed that up with ANDREW JACKSON IN SPACE (which was sent to print by the middle of May) and then moving in to our new house and getting all that set up really killed my free time right up to the beginning of July. In fact, this week’s spread (posted on Tuesday), was just in pencils and still had to be inked and coloured. So basically I was running out of finished pages and needed to get my act together ASAP.

Fortunately, my “window of opportunity” was opening. ANDREW JACKSON IN SPACE was wrapped and I was still waiting for more information about the commissions that I needed to do as part of the Kickstarter rewards. Plus, at that point, Brian was (and still is!) working on the script for the second issue. I knew that I had at least until September or October before anything ANDREW JACKSON IN SPACE started up again (and now that’s looking like early 2016!).  My wife is also going on one of her “girl’s weekends” at the end of September, so I’ve got a few days open to really spend inking and see how far along I can get.

So basically I knew I could go full speed ahead and that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing.

The Plan!
My goal hasn’t really been about ploughing through as many pages as I can – even if that feels like what I’ve been doing. I mean I may have a lot of pages finished off by the time this “window” closes, but I’m not going to just post them all once they’re done. We’ll keep the the current schedule. My goal is to have a backlog of pages so that I can work on other projects like ANDREW JACKSON IN SPACE. OTV is super important to me and I don’t want any prolonged breaks in the story while I go off and work on other shit. That’s not really fair to any one of you guys who have been following along and since I’ve been posting pretty much non-stop since the beginning (FIVE YEARS NOW!!!), that would be pretty stupid on my part.

Realistically, the writing/pencilling/inking stages are where the most work happens and they definitely take the most time. If worst came to worst, and I wasn’t able to get the pages coloured, I could always just post black & white pages. This brings me to…

What’s next?
Well the goal is to have Chapter 8 inked (which I finished off today!) and then get to work on inking Chapter 10. Now you may have just noticed that I skipped over Chapter 9… and there is a reason for that. Basically, Chapter 9 is what all of The Arrow of Time has been built around and it’s a little bit stylistically different from the rest of the story. I don’t want to give too much away, but the short way to explain it is that. So after thinking things over for a bit, I decided to just skip Chapter 9 and work on the stuff that is stylistically similar all together and then come back to Chapter 9 once all of that was complete. My hope is to get Chapter 10 inked by the end of September.

And then it’s on to my favourite part: colouring! October right now is looking to be a month of flatting and textures and whatever else I need to do to get Chapters 8 and 10 coloured and finished off, before I jump back in to drawing and inking Chapter 9 in November. All in all, my hope is to have the next three chapters finished off by the end of the year.

The good news with that goal is that I’ll have a HUGE backlog of pages ready for posting. That means that I can 100% focus on ANDREW JACKSON when that comes my way. Plus, I have a bunch of other projects and things that are percolating in the background right now and the only way that I’m going to actually be able to get to them is to really keep my head down and focus on OTV.

That brings be back to the reason that I’ve kind of been non-existent in terms of blogging and social media… The big reason is that I just haven’t had a whole lot of free time to fill with any of it. The second reason is that I’m working on some of the BIG parts of the story that we’ve been building towards since the very beginning and I really don’t want to spoil it for anyone that has been faithfully reading along.

Anyway, the absolute good news is that I’m making a ton of progress on The Arrow of Time. For me, I’m really looking forward to actually working on some of the parts of the story that have been in my head for the whole project and I really hope that I can do them justice.

Last bit for today!
I’m also squeezing in some work on the commissions. It’s been fun to work on characters that I’ve either never drawn before (She-Hulk anyone) or haven’t drawn since I was a little kid (the Punisher). So if you’re interested in seeing how those turn out, be sure to check out my Twitter feed and I’ll be sure to share some pics as I work. Speaking of which, here’s another piece that I’ve been working on…

An ANDREW JACKSON drawing for a custom cover… I miss drawing this crazy bastard!

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