The world of On the Verge has grown quite a bit over the course of writing the graphic novel and the shorter stories. Here are some of the characters that have appeared.

Hailed as one of the most brilliant scientific minds of his generation, Bell’s exploits at the University’s think tank – sometimes more mad genius than responsible scientist – earned him a reputation as a groundbreaker and forward thinker. When old friend Agnosto Mercury approached him about finding out what happened to him, Bell was only to happy to help out. Now as head researcher at Edge, Bell is also the acclaimed author of multiple books including the international bestsellers Aliens Among Us, Life After Dark and Experimental Physics in Practice. He splits his time between his position at Edge and as head of the University’s theoretical physics department.
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While she was a student at the University studying advanced theoretical physics, Fox was introduced to Jeremy Bell through common friends at a social gathering and they began dating shortly afterward. Impressed by her keen insights and skepticism of the paranormal, Bell convinced Mercury to recruit her once she graduated. As the newest member of the Edge team, Fox is still unconvinced of the strange stories and extraordinary explanations that Edge offers up. In the eight months since she started, Fox has thrown herself into her work, trying to use her scientific training and knowledge to explain the mysterious world of unexplainable phenomena that she now finds herself in.
Mercury’s second hire when starting Edge, head field agent Lucas Wilde is an alumni of the University with a double major in genetics and cultural anthropology. Wilde followed his studies with stints at various think tanks around the globe – including the University’s with both Mercury and Bell. It is known that he also spent time consulting for the FBI in their Behavioral Sciences Unit but most of those cases are now classified. Wilde’s extensive field experience, both as a researcher at the think tank and from his time with the FBI, made him the perfect fit at Edge where he has earned a reputation as a jack-of-all-trades while in the field where he has an intuitive knack for gathering crucial data.
Agnosto Mercury is the billionaire computer scientist and industrialist best known as the founder of Edge Inc., the world renowned think tank that specializes in investigating unexplainable phenomena.Attending the University, Mercury earned a double major in computer science and mathematics before spending three successful years at its think tank. He struck out on his own, adapting his theoretical ideas into practical solutions for the general public. His company quickly came to dominate the internet, making him a household name and incredibly wealthy.The success was short-lived though, when on a warm August night Mercury was abducted off his private yacht. Held for 22 days, Mercury returned claiming to have been abducted by aliens. After a lack of progress in his case, Mercury turned to his former colleagues at the think tank and formed Edge to figure out what happened to him.Further reading:
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One of the world’s premier psychologists, Fitzpatrick was one of Edge’s first recruits eight years ago. Hand picked because of her background studying trauma victims, her work on the Incidents has become the stuff of legend around Edge headquarters.
Originally a special agent in the FBI’s Behavioral Sciences Unit and partner to Lucas Wilde, Agent Conklin was asked to head up a new division called Paranormal Incidents (PI) Team when the government decided to start taking a closer look at what was happening around the country. Conklin remains close to the Edge team (and Lucas in particular) as he’s the main contact between the country’s top paranormal investigative bodies.
Known publicly as the Professor, Jonathan Light is an award winning experimental physicist and philosopher. Professor Light is the head of the Experimental Physics Department at the University and mentor to Jeremy Bell. Always one to push science into new frontiers, The Professor has made a name for himself with his bold scientific theories and groundbreaking study of of the role that science plays in society.
One half of the pair of agents hired by The Professor to aid him in the recovery of the tech he needs and assemble his device. Mr. Tall is the proverbial “hired muscle” of the two.
The other half of agents hired by the Professor, Mr. Small sees himself as the brains to Mr. Tall’s brawn.
La Fleur is the only contact between the Professor and whomever wants his work. At this point, she remains a mystery…
Modern society and extreme advances in the sciences have led to the rise of militant protest groups – the Watchtower being the largest and most dangerous. The Watchtower’s has publicly stated that it believes that all edge sciences to be “mad” science and it will strive to stop them. But just what the actual goal is for this shadowy is, no one is quite sure.
Tired of the lack of information about unexplained paranormal events – and his own “abduction by aliens” – billionaire internet mogul Agnosto Mercury formed the think tank Edge, Inc. to investigate them. Almost 10 years and countless cases later, Edge is a world renowned institution that continues its pursuit for the truth and is the world’s preeminent investigator of supernatural phenomena and a world leader in cutting edge sciences.
Yes, he’s a talking rabbit. Edward is a genetic marvel and the result of his “father’s” genetic experiments. He was picked up and detained by the Edge team because of he and his friends ties to the Watchtower.
Last seen in THE JUMPER and known only as Michael, this individual has the ability to teleport from location to location – sometimes with destructive results. Scared of his ability, Michael was isolation himself out in the desert before Lucas tracked him down.