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the Nightly Show interview

Transcript of The Nightly Show interview between John Steward and Jeremy S. Bell  [applause]  Steward: Welcome back. Our guest tonight is the world-renowned head researcher at Edge, Inc. who’s here to promote his new book: Truth? Philosophical questions in the … Continue reading

Truth? Philosophical questions in the age of the machine

From the author of the the international bestsellers Aliens Among Us, Life After Dark and Experimental Physics in Practice comes the enthralling new book Truth? Philosophical Questions in the Age of the Machine. Answers are hard to come by, but … Continue reading

Life on the Edge

WEIRD MAGAZINE article on the 10-year anniversary of Edge, Inc.’s founding Several evenings a week, after a days work at Edge headquarters, Agnosto Mercury drives up the road to a local outdoor pool. There he changes into swim trunks, steps … Continue reading


Search continues for billionaire Internet mogul August 15 Organized Press Where in the world is Agnosto Mercury? If his name sounds familiar, it should. Responsible for dozens of the applications and software used to operate the Internet, the much-publicized billionaire … Continue reading