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Tips I’ve learned about storytelling

I mentioned is last week’s post that one of the things that I’ve been really studying lately is how various comic book artists actually “tell as story”. By “tell a story” I mean “what do the actually draw” (not how … Continue reading

Studying the best – what you can learn

I think with comics, just like fine art and graphic design (two things I studied in school), you can learn an awful lot from studying the “masters” of the medium. I mean there’s a reason why they’re the best. So … Continue reading

Inking – my tools

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve spent the month inking new pages. I love inking. To be completely honest, I always work towards the final inked page. Even when I draw in pencil I’m constantly thinking about the type of inkline … Continue reading

My new process – bluelines everywhere

I’ve posted a couple of times over the years about my “process” and how I get from an idea to the final art. And up to now that’s usually consisted of: thumbnail drawings  >>>  pencil roughs  >>>  pencils  >>>  inks … Continue reading

Favourite webcomics, Day 5: The Bean

I first became aware of The Bean by Travis Hanson when I joined the Making Graphic Novels forum and spent the first couple of months getting to know people through their webcomics that they were working on. Travis had a … Continue reading

Favourite webcomics, Day 4: Delilah Dirk

The only way I can describe Delilah Dirk is that it’s the best mash-up of Indiana Jones and Disney animated movies that I’ve seen (and I realize that Disney owns Indiana Jones now…). To be honest, Delilah Dirk is the … Continue reading

Favourite webcomics, Day 3: reMIND and Sithrah

Just like Tuesday’s post, I’ve posted about reMIND before a couple of times (here, here and here). It remains one of my favourite webcomics and was actually the very first webcomic that I discovered, read and followed consistently. I’ve made … Continue reading

Favourite webcomics, Day 2: Stand Still Stay Silent

This is the newest webcomic that I’ve just found and started reading and I’m really excited about. I think I saw a tweet on Twitter with some of Minna Sundberg’s art in it (that was only last week, so you’d … Continue reading

Favourite webcomics, Day 1: Nathan Sorry

I’m going to start with Nathan Sorry for no particular reason other than it’s one of my favourites. This webcomic is by Rich Barrett and was started way back in 2009. I mentioned Nathan Sorry long ago when I purchased … Continue reading

Let’s talk about webcomics!

I don’t usually post anything on Monday’s* (except maybe a #lunchtimedrawing) but today I’m making an exception because I want to spend the week focusing on “webcomics”. I tend to talk a lot about “comics” in general and don’t really … Continue reading