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Why I killed ComicPress on my site

Or: How to build a webcomic with using ComicPress Note: Just to be upfront here, I used ComicPress for three years as the backbone of my On the Verge website. But the more I thought about it, I didn’t really … Continue reading

A closer look: the website update

As I mentioned yesterday, pretty much since the last version of this site went live, it was out-of-date. Now I know that this is the nature of websites in general, but I just found that no matter how much I … Continue reading

A fancy new website

I’ve been working on updating this website for several months in between all the other things that are on the go. The only thing that was holding me up was actually getting what I keep referring to as the “title … Continue reading

deep, silent thoughts

A late in the day post again. Things have been super busy the past couple of weeks, but hopefully I can get back to my preferred morning post soon. About today’s panel I swear there’s going to be some copy … Continue reading

getting a page online

Great I’ve finally got some artwork to post! Now how do I do that? Let me give you a basic walk-through of how I post a page to the web from inDesign. There is a lot of things to do … Continue reading

setting up an archive page

In my recent post about website design I mentioned that I wanted to include an archive page as a convenient way to find the exact page that you’re looking for. With this in mind, I sat down to create this … Continue reading

website design

This has been in the works for awhile, but I wanted to actually start putting pages up before I invested a lot of time into making the site pretty but as I got closer to the launch date, I figured … Continue reading

WordPress/ComicPress: Part 6: Resources

Do you still have questions that I’ve haven’t answered? Feel free to send me a quick email and maybe I can help. As I’ve mentioned over the course of these posts, there’s also a ton of resources online that you … Continue reading

WordPress/ComicPress: Part 5 Plugins

As mentioned in Part 1, one of the best things about WordPress and ComicPress is the large developer community that exists and they help to make this combination an incredibly powerful Content Management System (CMS). I’m squeezed for time almost … Continue reading

WordPress/ComicPress: Part 4 Widgets

If you’re a fan of online graphic novels that use the WordPress/ComicPress combination you may have noticed that a lot of them use items in the sidebar that don’t come pre-installed. Anything from custom images and buttons to Twitter feeds to advertising … Continue reading