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WordPress/ComicPress: Part 3 Edits

Basic edits Now we’re ready to get going with some edits to our child theme. Some edits are very easy to do if you have a basic understanding of HTML/CSS, so let’s start with them. You can easily change the … Continue reading

WordPress/ComicPress: Part 2 Alterations? And what’s a child theme?

So now you’re up and running. Here comes the part where it starts to get interesting. For me, I like to know what the code is actually doing. I don’t want to include code that I don’t need for a … Continue reading

WordPress/ComicPress: Part 1 Getting started

Since the fall I’ve been poking around in the online graphic novel world and there’s a ton of information out there about “how to make a graphic novel.” I’ve even posted (and will continue to post) various tips and tricks … Continue reading

WordPress & ComicPress – how I do it

All this week I’m going to take a slight vacation from posting about On the Verge – the graphic novel and instead make several posts about how I’ve developed On the Verge – online. I’ve had quite a few missteps … Continue reading