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Designing Unlawful Good

Part 1: establishing an art direction Way back at the beginning of this process, I was actually hoping to contribute art and/or a story to the UNLAWFUL GOOD anthology. Unfortunately, all the space was already filled up but editor/project manager … Continue reading

New cover art – the Interview

You may have caught a couple of my #lunchtimedrawing posts from a while back when I was developing a new cover for THE INTERVIEW. No? Here are the pencils and inks again for reference:   Anyway, I thought it might … Continue reading

Does modern computer colouring ruin linework?

I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to express my thoughts about modern colouring in comics and yes, that headline is a little inflammatory, isn’t it? It’s not that it “ruins” linework, more that it overpowers the linework … Continue reading

A closer look: the website update

As I mentioned yesterday, pretty much since the last version of this site went live, it was out-of-date. Now I know that this is the nature of websites in general, but I just found that no matter how much I … Continue reading

jump 5

I’m nervous that today’s spread doesn’t make as much sense in “web” format as it does in print. Here’s what I’ve tried: Michael jumps into the gutter on the left-hand page. I like playing with the design of things and … Continue reading

jump 4

Today’s page went up on time, but my normal blog post to accompany it is running late through a combination of a holiday Monday and a post that was just plain hard to write… Anyway, onwards… Now this is a … Continue reading

jump 3

Can I just say that this is the page I had in mind when I started putting this whole “jump” scene together. So far I’ve talked about the overall philosophy of my approach with this set of pages and page … Continue reading

jump 1

And here we go! I mentioned last week that I really wanted to start dissecting the upcoming pages and give you readers a bit of a behind-the-scenes look at what went into them. There’s a lot I want to cover … Continue reading


Influences are a funny thing. I mean everybody has them but if you point them out people sometimes take that as a slight. Personally, I’ve always found myself on the fence about them. I know I have influences and if … Continue reading