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Designing Unlawful Good

Part 3: designing the book I’ve posted two posts about the design work that went in to UNLAWFUL GOOD: establishing an overall art direction and designing the masthead. Today I’m going to take a look at the design work that went into … Continue reading

New cover art – the Interview

You may have caught a couple of my #lunchtimedrawing posts from a while back when I was developing a new cover for THE INTERVIEW. No? Here are the pencils and inks again for reference:   Anyway, I thought it might … Continue reading

A closer look: the website update

As I mentioned yesterday, pretty much since the last version of this site went live, it was out-of-date. Now I know that this is the nature of websites in general, but I just found that no matter how much I … Continue reading

jump 7

So today we get a little bit closer to the end of the “jump” section… I would think at this point that you’re probably realizing that I spent a good deal of time figuring out the “design” of this section. … Continue reading

jump 5

I’m nervous that today’s spread doesn’t make as much sense in “web” format as it does in print. Here’s what I’ve tried: Michael jumps into the gutter on the left-hand page. I like playing with the design of things and … Continue reading

jump 3

Can I just say that this is the page I had in mind when I started putting this whole “jump” scene together. So far I’ve talked about the overall philosophy of my approach with this set of pages and page … Continue reading

jump 2

Today’s art continues with this spread which I guess is as good an example of a “non traditional” comic page as I can think of… Page layout and design For this week’s post I really want to focus on probably … Continue reading


Influences are a funny thing. I mean everybody has them but if you point them out people sometimes take that as a slight. Personally, I’ve always found myself on the fence about them. I know I have influences and if … Continue reading

Behind the scenes – making a pinup for reMIND

I illustrated a pin-up for the reMIND pinup contest last month, sent it off and it finally got posted earlier this week so I wanted to do a post to go behind-the-scenes of how it all came about. I was … Continue reading