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Multiple projects, multiple styles?

If you haven’t heard, I’ve gotten back to working on OTV art and as I’ve been working away on it, I’ve been thinking about a couple of things that since I haven’t blogged too much lately, I figured it would … Continue reading

How I’ve applied what I’ve learned in my art

Around the end of the year, I have typically done a review of the comics that I’ve really enjoyed over the course of that year. But as you may have noticed, I was (am) super busy and I haven’t really … Continue reading

Updated: working process – bluelines

I wanted to post an update to my earlier “how to guide” for using bluelines. I’ve been inking on top of bluelines for most of the past year and it’s ended up working really pretty well. But my process for … Continue reading

My internal debate about drawing backgrounds

If you read through my post about my researching Sean Murphy’s art, you will probably remember that I talked about the backgrounds that Sean draws in his pages. Here’s the relevant part of the post: I think one of the … Continue reading

Art Process: Andrew Jackson in Space

I love to see how art gets done. Does anybody else? Anyway, I thought it might be worth posting some process shots of ANDREW JACKSON IN SPACE to give you an idea of how the pages came together. Here’s page … Continue reading

Thoughts on working with a colourist

Did you happen to read my post last week about “Working in Black & White” vs. “Working in Colour”? Well I just starting working with a colourist for the first time on ANDREW JACKSON IN SPACE and it’s been a … Continue reading

Color vs. black & white

I just started working with a colourist for the first time and I gotta say, I really like it. Ok, here’s the thing, I have made it no secret that colouring is my least favourite portion of the comic making … Continue reading

Researching…Sean Gordon Murphy

I’ll start this post by saying that just over a year ago, I had no idea who Sean Gordon Murphy was – that is until I picked up an issue of THE WAKE. I picked up THE WAKE because it … Continue reading

How to prepress your files

I thought I’d tie this post on to the end of my UNLAWFUL GOOD series because this is the first time in a while that I’ve got so many different files from so many artists. This isn’t to say that … Continue reading

Creating a pinup for UNLAWFUL GOOD

In my first post about UNLAWFUL GOOD, I mentioned that I had originally wanted to contribute an illustrated story to the Anthology. Unfortunately for me, Heather Antos (the editor of the book) already had a full roster of artists. But … Continue reading