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#lunchtimedrawing July 20/15

Working on one of my favourite scenes on OTV so far.

#lunchtimedrawing July 16/15

Back at it with some work on a new page. Long time coming…

#lunchtimedrawing April 29/15

Hey look! ON THE VERGE drawing at lunch! I’m getting back at it…

#lunchtimedrawing September 16/14

Lunch has long since passed, but here’s what I was chipping away at. Lots of detail means this is going to take two lunches.

#lunchtimedrawing September 10/14

Hey look, I can break panel borders! I think this might be the first time I’ve done this in THE ARROW OF TIME.

#lunchtimedrawing September 8/14

#lunchtimedrawing September 5/14

Carefully working on some brushwork…

#lunchtimedrawing September 4/14

In progress…

#lunchtimedrawing August 29/14

Something different to end the month! Video… It’s a little bit shaky but it’s harder than it looks to ink and hold the camera steady at the same time! Click to view video.

#lunchtimedrawing August 21/14

Still working. Building a city brush stroke by brush stroke.