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#lunchtimedrawing August 20/14

Working on the details…

#lunchtimedrawing August 19/14

#lunchtimedrawing August 18/14

That’s gotta hurt! Fun lunchtime drawing today…

#lunchtimedrawing August 15/14

I guess I love drawing crowd scenes and cars so much now that I’m trying to squeeze them in everywhere. Well not quite, but I’m drawing them again. Here’s a new page in progress.

#lunchtimedrawing August 13/14

#lunchtimedrawing August 7/14

A bit of a new kind of page for me. But I’m liking how it’s looking…

#lunchtimedrawing August 6/14

I love his sour face! [Also worth noting is that I’ve at least figured out my tech issues and can now post from my WordPress app. Now to figure out how to work around the problem. All these issues with … Continue reading

#lunchtimedrawing August 1/14

I’ve done a horrible job of posting my lunchtime drawing this week. I’ve had some technical problems with posting but I’ve got a lot done. Anyway, here’s some pics.

#lunchtimedrawing July 29/14

July has been pretty sparse as far as these #lunchtimedrawing posts go but I figured I should post the past couple of days drawing. Anyway, you’ll find out exactly what these pages are for shortly but I’m excited with how … Continue reading

#lunchtimedrawing July 4/14

It’s not all weird science in this book…