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#makecomics September 30/16

A good week all around – I managed to finish off the inks for THE BUTTERMAN. And because I don’t like to leave things hanging, I somehow also managed to get these all scanned and cleaned up too! Man I … Continue reading

#makecomics September 27/16

Almost done! But today’s kind left me feeling like this…

#makecomics September 26/16

Waiting for things to dry a bit before I finish this one off…

#makecomics September 23/16

Working on this giant two page spread. Started out with blocking in the basic shapes with my usual brush work. Then on to filling in blacks. Now I’m waiting for thing to dry…

#makecomics September 22/16

And here I thought this page was going to be a quick one. Damn details and straight lines!

#makecomics September 20/16

Lots and lots and lots of details. Here’s a sneak peek of THE BUTTERMAN work in progress…

#makecomics September 14/16

A good week’s worth of work! 4 1/2 pages in three days. Now off for a short break and we’ll pick things up next week. 

#makecomics – September 9/16

Well I didn’t get quite as much done this week as I’d hoped to. A combination of life and work and things taking longer than I thought they would meant that I just only got so much done. But that’s … Continue reading

#makecomics – September 7/16

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I wrapped up “primary production” on the pencils last week and now it’s on to tweaking some things and working on rendering. The rendering stage is a new one for me and it does … Continue reading

On the Verge – The Arrow of Time – Page 292-293

Today’s page is something I’m really excited to share! I’ll explain more after you guys read it… Click the image for a larger view.   Ok, so a lot of the time (probably most of the time), when I write … Continue reading