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#makecomics – September 1.16 – bar scene

One of my goals for this story was to draw some different backgrounds. Today’s #lunchtimedrawing is all about the bar scene. Are there any bars left where you can smoke inside?

#makecomics – August 31/16

I’m plugging away on this new OTV short story and really trying to draw lots of background stuff. Today it’s all about getting that African art happening…

#makecomics – introducing the Butterman

Hey everyone! I wanted to post a quick #makecomics post and introduce you to the Butterman. Just what the heck does that mean? Well, you’ll have to keep checking in and wait until the finished story is posted. For now, … Continue reading

#makecomics – getting started

I just wanted to quickly share a pic of work beginning for the new On the Verge short story. I’ve been meaning to post something all week but just haven’t found the time. Work is underway…

#makecomics December 22/15

Didn’t get a chance to post this earlier, but I did squeeze drawing into my lunch hour. This little guy’s going to be important. Promise.

#makecomics December 21/15

Back it it. Trying out a different angle…

#makecomics December 18/15


#makecomics Dec 17/15

Squeezing in some drawing. So busy I needed a break. What better way to recharge than by making some comics…

#makecomics December 14/15

Monday off to a good start. Back working on new On the Verge pages over lunch. Progress…

#makecomics November 10/15

Back at it! Figuring out the next block of pages…