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Where do story ideas come from?

I get asked an awful lot where I get my story ideas from. The short answer is that I get them from all over (but everyone says stuff like that!). So I wanted to do a quick post to take … Continue reading

Big update today

Let’s start off with a bit of a sneak peak. Who are these two? Ok, the BIG NEWS that I need to share with everyone is that as of last Friday, I have finished off the interior art for THE … Continue reading

Getting it done

I haven’t really been doing a whole lot of posting on here lately. For that matter, I’m not really participating a whole lot on Twitter or Facebook at all either. The reason for that is that I’m busy working away … Continue reading

It’s a wrap! A look back at July 2015

I haven’t done a month end wrap up email in forever so I figured that I should get back in the habit of it since I’m back working on OTV stuff. After a couple of really busy months with moving … Continue reading

Multiple projects, multiple styles?

If you haven’t heard, I’ve gotten back to working on OTV art and as I’ve been working away on it, I’ve been thinking about a couple of things that since I haven’t blogged too much lately, I figured it would … Continue reading

How I’ve applied what I’ve learned in my art

Around the end of the year, I have typically done a review of the comics that I’ve really enjoyed over the course of that year. But as you may have noticed, I was (am) super busy and I haven’t really … Continue reading

Thoughts about bluelines in comic art

I’ve posted a couple of times in the past couple of months about my work process and using bluelines… … and you may have noticed that I’ve been referencing Sean Murphy’s art and his blog a bunch over the past … Continue reading

Thoughts about working on a webcomic – why aren’t more people doing these?

Why aren’t more people working on webcomics? Just a couple of years ago, it seemed like webcomics were all the rage but I’ve been getting the impression that this isn’t the case anymore. Now that I’m working on a comic … Continue reading

Updated: working process – bluelines

I wanted to post an update to my earlier “how to guide” for using bluelines. I’ve been inking on top of bluelines for most of the past year and it’s ended up working really pretty well. But my process for … Continue reading

My internal debate about drawing backgrounds

If you read through my post about my researching Sean Murphy’s art, you will probably remember that I talked about the backgrounds that Sean draws in his pages. Here’s the relevant part of the post: I think one of the … Continue reading