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Jason Smith [illustration+design], is a multi-disciplinary design studio that specializes in custom design, illustration and branding. Jason Smith [i+d] services range from one-off commissions to complete design strategies and solutions. A small team handles all art direction, design, illustration and prototype creation ensuring strong reliable relationships and strategic solutions for your business.

Jason is a graphic designer and illustrator with over 12 years of experience and is based just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


In a world of mystery, the truth as they say is out there to be discovered. Welcome to the world of On the Verge.

A paranormal/sci-fi thriller, the story of On the Verge takes place in present day North America but unlike our own reality, it’s a world where “unknown phenomena” are commonplace and a part of people’s daily existence. Tired of the lack of information about these unexplained events – and his own “abduction by aliens” – billionaire internet mogul Agnosto Mercury formed the think tank Edge, Inc. to investigate them. Almost 10 years and countless cases later, Edge is a world renowned institution that continues its pursuit for the truth.

As the world’s preeminent investigator of supernatural phenomena, Edge is the world leader in cutting edge sciences and lead by acclaimed scientist and accidental celebrity, Jeremy S. Bell. But Dr. Bell has more on his mind than just fame – he sees what edge sciences mean to the world and the risks involved. Begin your journey into the world of On the Verge here.

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    A self contained short story for all those things that go bump in the night and those of use with overactive imaginations. Don’t turn out the lights.



    When a paranormal incident happens, it’s up to Edge’s top field agent Lucas Wilde to get to the scene. But when the unexpected happens…


    ISSUE #1

    In 1801 Andrew Jackson awoke 100,000 lightyears from home. He has no idea how he got there. Now, he has one goal: to find his way home.