a Superman pinup

I’ve been doing quite a few commissions and pinups over the past couple of months and two of those were Batman and Wonder Woman. So with Batman v. Superman premiering tomorrow, I figured it was a fine time to do up a Superman and finish out the DC Comics “trinity”.

After some quick doodles, I actually decided that trying to draw Superman was harder than I thought. I’m not quite sure what that is but I finally settled on a shot of the Man of Steel flying over a cityscape.

Below are process shots: doodles as I try to work out exactly how to make this pinup interesting, the base pencil drawing in progress and a close up of the face, then the inking in progress (initial ink lines, face details, final details and the final inks before adding in some washes.

The final piece all cleaned up and ready to show the world is at the top of the post.

Finally, be sure to check back in tomorrow! I’ll post the full set of DC Trinity.


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