Doom Patrol commission

As part of the ANDREW JACKSON IN SPACE Kickstarter that ran last year to support the development of the first issue, I did several commissioned illustrations which I’ve been meaning to post. I asked what people wanted for their commission and said I’d draw whatever they had in mind…

I’ve read comic books since I was 12 years old, so I’d head of Doom Patrol but I had never read any of their comics. So when I got the request to draw them, I saw it as a bit of a challenge. Thank god for the Internet and my local comic book store The Dragon! Anyway, after a little bit of research, I managed to get some ideas and started working away.

The interesting thing about this commission, is that it’s the only one last year that I had trouble with. I initially had one drawing that I liked but didn’t love. So I basically put it off to the side of my desk for a couple of months and worked on the other commissions, before coming back to it later and deciding to start over.

Below is the work in progress: some doodles, the initial drawing that I decided wasn’t good enough, my revised drawing and then various stages of inking.

wp-1455127256657.jpg wp-1455127274279.jpg

wp-1455126801519.jpg wp-1455126892586.jpg

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