Epilogue title page spread design

I count myself as pretty lucky to get to work on new comic projects every now and then. Last year I worked with writer Mario Candelaria on his comic Epilogue – a story that is told from two points of view. I initially put together the credits pages for the two-part comic but for the collected edition, Mario had this idea to turn the center of the book into this massive full-page map for the credits.


After talking things through I went away and sketched out some ideas (above) before coming back with a final design. I love maps (especially old maps) and so this was a fun project to work on and something where I got to really just follow my muse and see what came out.

Below is a shot of the final printed book with the center spread. The book flips ( part one of the story is on one half, the second part is on the other), so the spread flips to reflect that.


If you’re interested in reading the comics, they’re available on Comixology!

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