Experimenting with colours – ANDREW JACKSON IN SPACE covers

A good while back I was experimenting with colouring the ANDREW JACKSON IN SPACE custom cover that I did, and it got me to thinking that maybe I should be trying out this approach with more stuff. Overall, I really liked the different colour choices that I was making, as well as the textures and stuff that I was adding in. I love textures and watercolour so despite the fact that these are coloured digitally, I wanted them to have a “hand painted” feel.

Anyway, with that in mind, I’ve gone back and coloured a bunch of other AJiS stuff to see how it turned out. The colours for AJiS are really supposed to be vibrant but I wanted to push them a bit and make them a little “other worldly”. To me, that meant making them a little less primary and playing with the tones, while still making them super bright. My goal was to make them really take on a life of their own.

Check them out below.


For the gun blast, I used the approach that you may have seen in my On the Verge work (Chapter’s 8 and 10 specifically). the thought here was that it would add to textures a bit and I think it worked pretty well.


Toying with cut block shading. Does it work, doesn’t it work… who knows. I love the texture on the jacket though.


Here’s the custom cover again for reference.


My goal here was to really make you look at Jackson as he charged full speed ahead, so I simplified the colouring on the robots and then played around with the textures in the background.


Something new here as I needed to add in the glowing effect, the face mask and the stars and space in the background. What was kind of interesting about this one is that I drew it with no real plan for the colours but it all kind of came together.


More effects to play with here as the bubbles were something different.

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