In 1801 Andrew Jackson awoke 100,000 lightyears from home. He has no idea how he got there. Now, he has one goal: to find his way home.

Andrew Jackson in Space was my second collaboration with Magdalene Visaggio. Intended to be a 4 issue story, we ran a successful Kickstarted to fund production of the first issue and then a year later, I decided to illustrate and letter the second issue for fun. You can check out the artwork for both issues below.

Work on AJiS wasn’t wasted and we used the initial two issues in a pitch to Vault Comics and which eventually led to us co-creating Vagrant Queen. While a lot of the seeds for the VQ story can be found here, AJiS was distinctly different and its own thing.

This might be the only place where you can find this, so my early work with Mags.


issue #1

Want to read the first issue?

read it here

issue #2

Want to read the second issue?

read it here

extras and work in progress


The first issue of Andrew Jackson in Space got so good reviews and Mags did some interviews to promote the Kickstarter. Check those out below.

These are exactly the kinds of characters we want to see more of in space adventures.
A space adventure starring a most unlikely hero (or antihero?) I really enjoyed the book.

Mags and I did several interviews to promote the first issue.

  • Magdalene talks about the Andrew Jackson Kickstarter