In a world of mystery, the truth as they say is out there to be discovered. Welcome to the world of On the Verge.

A paranormal/sci-fi thriller, the story of On the Verge takes place in present day North America but unlike our own reality, it’s a world where “unknown phenomena” are commonplace and a part of people’s daily existence. Tired of the lack of information about these unexplained events – and his own “abduction by aliens” – billionaire internet mogul Agnosto Mercury formed the think tank Edge, Inc. to investigate them. Almost 10 years and countless cases later, Edge is a world renowned institution that continues its pursuit for the truth.

As the world’s preeminent investigator of supernatural phenomena, Edge is the world leader in cutting edge sciences and lead by acclaimed scientist and accidental celebrity, Jeremy S. Bell. But Dr. Bell has more on his mind than just fame – he sees what edge sciences mean to the world and the risks involved. Begin your journey into the world of On the Verge here.



The Arrow of Time

The story that I set out to write and illustrate when I first sat down to create the world of ON THE VERGE, The Arrow of Time follows Hannah Fox, a bright rookie researcher just months on the job at Edge Inc. As she’s finally starting to feel comfortable in the world of the paranormal, Dr. Jeremy Bell, one of Edge’s leading minds goes missing!

Hannah must put the shock of this aside and team up with his longtime collaborator, Lucas, on a new case. Surprisingly, the more they learn, the more the case somehow twists its way back to Jeremy’s disappearance. It’s a race against time to find out what’s really going on, who’s behind it all and just what’s happened to Jeremy.

Welcome to the strange new world of ON THE VERGE – where science meets science fiction.

Read the 326 page story online here

the OTV short stories

The stories below do not need to be read in any particular order – they definitely were not originally written and published that way. These are standalone short stories that were created during work on The Arrow of Time to help build out the characters and world of ON THE VERGE. Some characters appear in multiple stories though, so to keep things simple, they are in chronological order below.

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WEIRD (feature article)

Start at the beginning with this feature length article that delves into the founding of Edge Inc. and the man who started it. The quest for truth begins here!


A self-contained short story for all those things that go bump in the night and those of us with overactive imaginations. Don’t turn out the lights.


When a paranormal incident happens, it’s up to Edge’s top field agent, Lucas Wilde, to get to the bottom of things. But when the unexpected happens…


The team at Edge faces one of their strangest interrogations yet. Who is this mysterious creature? Where did he come from? And why is he so fluffy?


Strange tales are just the result of a normal days work for Edge’s lead investigator, Lucas Wilde. But this time, he may have taken on more than he bargained for…


What could possibly be behind reports of a mysterious monster? Lucas Wilde is dispatched to find out. But can he stop the Butterman?