Making an impact!

CSR Trends 2010 (spread)CSR Trends 2010 (close up)

The Co-operators 2009 Sustainability Report which I art directed and designed was featured in the CSR Trends 2010 from PWC which was their 4th comprehensive survey of corporate social responsibility report trends, benchmarks and best practices. Specifically, Co-operators Sustainability Report was highlighted in the report because of its cover and overall message which was carried throughout the Report from the front to the back cover.

The Co-operators combines an exclamation point with the simple statement – Making An Impact – to draw attention to a youth-based initiative that creates solutions for a variety of sustainability challenges, many depicted in the collage within the exclamation point. It also summarizes the company’s determination to make a difference.

  1. The visual texture of the cover is carried throughout the report to feature case studies.
  2. The Co-operators invites conversation on the back cover with a thought provoking call to action – How are you making an impact? – punctuated with a question mark that ties it thematically to the cover.

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