Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan) commission

As part of the ANDREW JACKSON IN SPACE Kickstarter that ran last year to support the development of the first issue, I did several commissioned illustrations which I’ve been meaning to post. I asked what people wanted for their commission and said I’d draw whatever they had in mind…

I think everyone was testing me a little bit with these commissions by requesting characters who I’d never drawn before. Where were the easy ones like Batman and Spiderman? That being said, I loved the challenge of digging around and trying to find interesting ways to draw characters that I really didn’t know too much about. Again, Google works great for finding source photos and comic book pages to use for reference. Anyway, after a couple of quick doodles, I scanned those and enlarged them in Photoshop and then jumped in to putting together a final drawing.

The thing I really like about doing commissions is that it gives me a chance to really play around a bit and try out some ideas. In this case, I really wanted to use some ink washes. I’d also decided when I was working on the pencil drawing that I wanted to try to achieve different textures in the clothing and hair. So when I was working on the final inks, I really changed up the tools that I used and I think the final effect works pretty nicely.

Below is the work in progress: doodles and the final pencil drawing.

img_20160216_142040.jpg MsMarvel-WIP

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