On the Verge – The Arrow of Time – Page 248

So now we’re getting into it (and Hannah is not happy).


I really do love this page. I like how all of the main characters really come together and their personalities come through – Hannah and Jeremy are kind of shocked, Lucas is all business, the Professor is totally not taking responsibility and La Fleur is annoyed with everything. We’ve finally got everyone face-to-face and I’m hoping you guys are ready for what’s coming over the next few weeks. This has been a long time coming and I know this story has been a “slow burn” in terms of building up over several chapters. My hope is that this is all worth it and what’s about to unfold in the next few weeks will keep you guys entertained.

Plus, the 250 page milestone is only a couple of weeks away!


As per usual, I’m keeping pretty busy. That being said, I have been able to chip away at the next chapter and I’m hoping to get the inking started today. I feel like I’m behind where I want to be with things, so it will be nice to finally start throwing some ink on these pages. All in all, I’d love to have things wrapped up as soon as I can so that it’s ready to go well before I need to start rushing things. This is always the balance with this project and is actually one of the problems with having a batch of pages done ahead of time – you tend to not keep plowing ahead! I find that other projects and jobs take precedence when I don’t HAVE TO get pages done because I have a bunch of pages ready to go. Anyway, I do have other stuff that I need to do, so getting to the inking stage is probably a good thing.

Other than that, I don’t have too much else to report. As always, thanks for checking OTV out and let me know what you guys think of the story. Thanks for reading.

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