On the Verge – The Arrow of Time – Page 250

Today’s a big number to finally hit! Here’s page 250…


So La Fleur is still doing a little bit of posturing and monologuing this week. Ya know, these things never really work well, so we’ll see where this goes.


I am busy as always, but what else is new? I happy to report that I’m over half way through inking the next chapter. Hopefully everything goes alright this week with the #lunchtimedrawing and I make good progress again. It’s both super exciting to be putting the finishing touches on this story but also a little bit sad. This has been a long process from beginning to end, so to down to less than 20 pages to go is somewhat hard to believe for me. I’m trying really hard to keep my focus on these pages and getting them finished and be awesome.

My big hurdle is that I’m slowly planning out my next “big project” and staring at the script for the next issue of ANDREW JACKSON IN SPACE – all of which is very exciting because it’s new and different. So this week is going to be the big push to really try and get as close to that finish line as I can. Plus I keep telling myself that I’ve got lots of OTV stories left to tell, so it’s not like this is “THE END” forever – just the end of this story. Still, after almost five and a half years of work on one story, it’ll be nice to get to the end, take a deep breath and then get ready for the next project.

Anyway, I have been posting some work-in-progress images to Instagram as I go and if you want to get a sneak peak well ahead of time, be sure to check it out.

So now that we’re 250 pages in, it really is a bit of sprint to the finish line and lots of big things are coming up in the next couple of weeks. As always, thanks to all of you guys that have been following along. I honestly didn’t know if I’d ever get to this point, so it’s a little bit of a proud moment knowing that I have personally written, drawn, coloured and lettered 250 pages of this story all by myself. Making comics isn’t easy – in fact it takes a hell of a lot of effort and time. So I’m really proud to have managed to get to this point. There’s still a little bit of work left, so hopefully I make it to the end!


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