On the Verge – The Arrow of Time – Page 251

Last week might have been a big week in terms of the page count, but this week things start to heat up in the story… Plus this week contains one my favourite lines of dialogue in the whole story!



I guess that’s not exactly the response that Hannah was going for? And of course, Lucas is not exactly impressed.

A small note about the about the art on this page… I really struggled with trying to figure out how to colour the gun shots. Drawing them was easy and I always envisioned them having a more “traditional” comic book style colouring but I couldn’t find a way to do that with the textures and other muted colours that make up the OTV pages. Anyway, after much experimentation, I finally settled on using the OTV orange that I pop in place every once in a while (see La Fleur’s shirt for instance) and then some splatter to complete the effect.


I just want to drop a quick update today and let everyone know that I’m close to finishing off the inked artwork for THE ARROW OF TIME. I’ve only got three pages left!!! Long story short, I decided to rework my original layout for one of the spreads in Chapter 9, so I’m back re-drawing it which has delayed finishing things off a bit. Anyway, my hope is to get things down on paper in the next couple of days and then jump on to the inks – hopefully finishing things off before next week.

So I’m close…

Thanks for reading!

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