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Things keep ticking along here. This week’s page features one of my favourite lines of dialogue from the whole story. Care to get which one that is?



Now let’s discuss this page. The Professor has been an interesting character to write because he kind of swings between stalling the launch of The Arrow of Time and striving to find a solution. This is something that I’ve tried to weave throughout the story and it kind of forms the basis to each of the characters – hopefully letting their motivations make sense. This will continue to play out in the story as well, so it’s not just unique to the Professor.

Anyway, I’ve always wondered just where his head is at. That doesn’t mean that the Professor doesn’t know what he’s doing or is being manipulated (because he DOES know what he’s doing and he probably even realizes that he’s been manipulated along the way), but at this point in the story, I guess he’s got doubts about everything. Using The Arrow hasn’t exactly been a smooth process but in my head, the Professor honestly thinks he can build something that works safely. The only problem is that la Fleur isn’t allowing him to do that.

So where does this go from here?


The major news of last week is that I’ve completed inking Chapter 9 and Iv’e started scanning and cleaning up the pages. This leaves ONE (!!!) page of art left to do for the whole story once the clean up and colours are done for Chapter 9. I’ve also got a bit of dialogue writing and editing to do for Chapter 10 – but nothing major. So I am getting much, much, much closer to really finishing these off. This week is a short week because of Easter, so hopefully I can get all of the pages cleaned up and just have them sitting there ready for colours next week.

I’m trying to stay focused! I’ve got a realy itch to get cracking on the next couple of projects that are going to be coming once I’m done and I can’t wait to let you guys know all about them.

And that’s it for today. Please come back next week because things are getting serious… Thanks for reading!

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