On the Verge – The Arrow of Time – Page 266-267

Today we continue on with this sequence. Here’s the page:

OTV-TheArrowOfTime-page266-267Click the image for a larger view.

Now I’ve been withholding my comments about these pages but I thought today I should make a few comments. So one of the big things that I love about webcomics is the freedom to not work to a page count or have size constrictions. In the case of these last bunch of pages, I really wanted to have a bit of a “slo-mo” type of effect with the storytelling. To do this, I’ve gone full spread with the pages and used simple action shots on each spread. Now maybe the effect isn’t quite the same when reading once a week, but if you were to read it in one sitting, this section of pages would be a definite break from how Chapter 8 ended. I initially wasn’t too sure if I should go this route and have these giant spreads but in the end, I decided to just go for it and tell the story the way I always wanted to. I’m glad I did because I’m happy with the result.

Anyway, lots more is still on the way! Thanks for reading.

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