On the Verge – The Arrow of Time – Page 284-285

Guys, here’s today’s new page. Things are still getting weirder…

OTV-TheArrowOfTime-page284-285Click the image for a larger view.

I really love how this spread turned out. The main image with Hannah (large and in the middle) was originally produced as an early cover for THE BEGINNING. If you haven’t noticed yet, throughout this chapter, images that have appeared in multiple places appear here. There’s a definite reason for that and was an idea that I had way back at the start of the project – and it’s awesome that it’s finally being shown and working. Another example of this would be the top image of Hannah on the left-hand side. You may notice that from way back on page 2!

I’m also pretty excited with how the overall layout for the page turned out. I love the tension and balance between the free form images and the four panels on the left side. It really ads to the flow of the reading.

Anyway, I just wanted to share some quick thoughts. More to come for sure next week!


For a quick update today, I wanted to let everyone know that last week I finished up the inks on ANDREW JACKSON IN SPACE #2 and I’m on to scanning those in and cleaning them up – which hopefully doesn’t take too long! Anyway, now that I’ve wrapped the primary work on AJiS, I’m actually straight into the next thing on my list of project which happens to be a new OTV short story. That wasn’t the original plan, but I need a bit of a break between AJiS and my next big project and I’ve had this OTV story sitting around for about a year now… Anyway, it just seemed like the best approach was to do something short before diving into something brand spanking new.

Plus, I’ve always said that I have lots and lots and lots of OTV stories to tell. And this is the perfect example of that. I can’t wait to get back to work and spending some time with these characters after a few months away.

And that’s it for today! As always, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week.

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