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Today’s page is the last Daily Recorder spread. Here ya go!

OTV-TheArrowOfTime-page310-311Click the image for a larger view.

So everyone managed to pop back into existence! How the heck did that happen? I guess you’ll either find out or it’ll be a mystery for another time…

I honestly can’t remember what I’ve said about these spreads over the course of the story, but I thought that since this is the last one, it was worth sharing some thoughts.

In general, I think that the “REALLY BIG IDEA” that I had is that these Daily Recorder spreads were vital and important to the overall story. They provided me the opportunity to quickly get a lot of information across to you (the reader) while at the same time playing a bit of a counter point to what you were seeing “in the story”. Sometimes characters said completely different things to what went on “in the comic panels”, sometimes these articles told us backstory. And Andi Anderson became such an important character in the story that I actually squeezed in an appearance in Chapter 6.

Also, based on recent events with the U.S. election and all the reports about “fake news”, this all seems very relevant (and kind of cool since THE ARROW OF TIME has been running for six years now!). the media has been an important character in this story from day one, page one, when Jeremy was off promoting his book. I tried really hard to use the media as a way to convey information and to question what was going on. Is what was being revealed in these stories the truth? Or were there other motivations? Who is Andi Anderson and what’s her relationship to all of this? Plus, I was able to really develop characters and develop characters who you never see in the story (the mayor, the police, etc.). It was an interesting way to add another wrinkle to everything.

Anyway, sadly this is the last that we’ll see of the Daily Recorder in this story but you never know what will happen down the line…


Holiday break
We’re almost to December, so I thought it was worth posting about the upcoming break. Just like I have done for the course of working and posting THE ARROW OF TIME, I’m going to two weeks off over Christmas and New Years. So the final post of the year will be on December 20th and then we’ll pick back up again in the new year on January 10th.


Holy cow it’s the end of the month!
I haven’t really posted too many updates lately because I (A) didn’t have the time, and (B) just wanted to post the last bunch of pages because I felt that the story needed to have the spotlight. But now that we’re done with that section of the story and it’s the end of November already, I thought it was worth posting a little update.

Unfortunately, I don’t really have too much to update! I’ve been absolutely swamped with 6 huge projects that have literally dominated my time for the past 4-6 weeks. I’ve been working through lunches and haven’t had too much time to draw (which really sucks!). Anyway, I’ve got a couple of those projects out the door and a couple more are scheduled to be done by this Friday, so I’m hoping that I can get back to some #lunchtimedrawing and making some comics.

And that’s if for this week. Next week, without giving too much away, we get back to our characters and start finding out just what’s happened to everyone. Thanks for reading!

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