On the Verge – The Arrow of Time – Page 320

Ok, here’s a new scene starting today and look who it is…

I’ve tried to keep pretty mum over the past bunch of posts about just what happened with Hannah. The last we saw here, she had just been shot and was talking with Jeremy. But while I didn’t feel like I could kill off the main character in this whole story, I did feel like I could keep you guessing about just what happened. So in short, she did get shot and she’s getting better – and back to work of course (but that’s just like Hannah).

Anyway, for this scene I really wanted to find a way to bring in the last character who we hadn’t seen yet – Jane. Jane’s been in the OTV stories since day one (way back in Chapter Zero!), so I figured it would make sense to really throw back to that scene in some ways.

And now we’re headed towards the end of this story. We’ve got five pages left and I’ve got lots of little bits to wrap up. Just how do you wrap up 320+ pages of story? That was exactly what I needed to figure out.

So see you next week to find out what happens next and thanks for reading!

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